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Tech 1 keen on GP3 rule changes

Aaro VainioTech 1 Racing team manager Sarah Abadie has welcomed proposals – revealed in this week’s AUTOSPORT magazine – to relax GP3′s three cars per team stipulation.

GP3 CEO Bruno Michel told AUTOSPORT that teams would only have to run two cars each this year, with a third optional if they wished.

“We want to protect the teams’ futures, and that is absolutely one of the reasons why we are doing this,” said Michel.

Abadie told AUTOSPORT that Tech 1 was in favour of the end of the three-car limit.

“It would be a way to try and keep all the teams and make the series more interesting, because in the past there were too many cars and too much conference between teams,” she said.

“I don’t understand why drivers have not registered more interest in GP3, because the cars are quite nice and in the end they are faster than F3.”

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